सर्वधर्म सामूहिक विवाह सम्मेलन

15 November 2020

Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan

Our Programs


Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan's facilitate free child education. We identify children out of school, motivate the children and their parents to let the children come to school.

Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan runs the adult literacy classes for Adults and women who have never attended the school or have very little education from both rural and urban areas mostly in slums. Adults Literacy classes not only teach basic education but spread and provide knowledge in the area of health& hygiene, nutrition, education, family planning, human rights and etc. Rather than this Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan also touches upon building their communication & managerial skills and their self-confidence.

Skill Development

Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan provides skill development / vocational pieces of training to unemployed underprivileged youths in various skills and facilitate them to get employment or start their own work.

Creating jobs for young people is a major challenge around the world, which has been further exacerbated by the global financial crisis that hit this group hard. In this broader global context, this paper presents a detailed profile of youth employment and unemployment in India, which has the world’s largest youth population. Young Indians face major barriers because of poverty and low levels of human capital. While skills development is crucial, these initiatives should be supplemented by more comprehensive Programmers that target the most vulnerable and disadvantaged youth.


Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan's main focus to mobilized people individually or in groups to take responsibility for their own health and to make use of public health services.

The Health Check-Up Camps are about people’s general health including eye and dental health. Doctors and nurses come to the villages and slums to perform check-ups and treatment and to inform about health issues. The camps also inform about nutrition and serve to detect sexually transmitted infections (STI), which are referred to the public clinics for treatment.


Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan provides pieces of training and conducts many workshops to explain how we can save our environment. Also, we do tree plantation work for general awareness.

In Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan's monthly meetings we explain to our members about the environment saving policies also we do group discussions with villages and school students on environment schemes.

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