About Us

About Us

Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan is a registered under "The Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958 and the registration number is COOP/2019/JAIPUR/105260.

The Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan works for social development and provides a better life to the community. The organization is mainly working in the community for Parichay Sammelan, Sarv Dharm Samuhik Vivah Sammelan, Health & Hygiene, Environment, Educational, Rural Development, Skill Development /Vocational Training, Women empowerment and etc. various programs for needy peoples in the community. Also, focus on Community development to educated about Child Marriage and stop this, Stop Dhez practice, Take care to widow woman and how to make sustainable to widow woman education programs.


Our Mission

Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan's mission is to unite with people in India in order to create development in the broadest sense through the implementation of projects that aim at transferring knowledge, skills, and capacity to individuals and communities that need assistance to come out of poverty and other dehumanizing conditions.

Our Vision

We aim to fight shoulder to shoulder with The Poor in the villages and in the slums to eliminate poverty and create an open future with prospects and possibilities for everyone.

Our Objectives

  • For every man and woman to be able to earn an income that can provide o more than the basic needs of the family.
  • For health for all, through knowledge and services.
  • For access to quality education for children and youth.

Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan works together with the people in the projects as partners in finding solutions and in creating the necessary conditions to improve their living standards and to achieve people’s aspirations towards a just and humanized life for the individuals, the families and their communities.



सर्वधर्म सामूहिक विवाह सम्मेलन

15 November 2020

Nav Jagarti Samajik Seva Sansthan


Siyaram Swami


बेटी पढ़ाओ, खुशहाली बढ़ाओ - बेटी बचाओं, जीवन सजाओ